Vernetta Freeney is Changing the Networking Game with the Fusion Tour

Networking can often seem tedious, especially when you go to an event and everyone is either trying to sell their product/service within the first sixty seconds or passing their business cards without establishing a connection.

If you feel the same way, you must connect with Vernetta Freeney.

Vernetta FreeneyAbout Vernetta Freeney…

Vernetta Freeney enjoys her life and encourages  other women to forget about the ups, downs and turnarounds in life and stay focused on being a Gamechanger.  She runs an award winning, popular business blog for women and is the owner of Women Are Gamechangers LLC.  She hosts the Fusion Tour, a national networking tour for women entrepreneurs and she speaks and writes to help women strengthen their network by adding valuable connections.  Through speaking, blogging, online chats and live events; Vernetta connects women to Gamechangers in business.

About Women Are Gamechangers…

Women are Gamechangers (WAGC) shows financially conscious, women entrepreneurs how to make connections to build long lasting business relationships by attending online and offline events.

About the Fusion Tour….

Fusion is an award-winning, interactive, unique connecting National Networking Tour for Women Entrepreneurs. It is not a place where you come to throw your business card to everyone in the room.  Nor is it a place where people get to work the room.  Fusion is a place where you learn from everyone you meet and take  the best of those conversations to apply to your business.  Fusion is the epitome of networking.  It takes the best of everything about networking and puts it in one place for attendees to make the necessary connections for their business.

Network  with Vernetta…

Twitter: WomenGameChange


Facebook: WomenAreGameChangers

Fusion Tour

Register for the tour: 

Your Unique Gift as Your Brand (Houston TX)

hosted by Vernetta Freeney on August 17 from 9am – 11am at The House of 5 Stars 

Establishing Your Brand in a Saturated City (Atalanta GA)

hosted by Melissa Kimble on August 24 from 9am – 11am at Brawner Hall

Making a Statement with Your Brand (Charlotte NC)

hosted by Dana Sidberry on September 28 from 9am – 11a at The Meeting Center

Creating a Big Brand in a Small City (Montgomery AL)

hosted by LaKesha Womack on October 5 from 9am – 11am at Pure Artistry Literary Cafe

Establishing Your Brand in the Most Powerful City in the County (Washington DC)

hosted by LaToria Brent on October 9 from 6pm – 8pm 

Getting Your Brand Noticed (Philadelphia PA)

hosted by Lynette Davis on October 12 from 9am – 11am at Vivant Art Collection






CALL 646.929.2031

(show playback available on demand following the interview)


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