Success Secrets from Producer, Entrepreneur & Consultant Arinze

We all have the same 24 hours in a day but some seem to do more with theirs than others.  Our guest this week is a hip-hop producer, artist, law & business consultant as well as restaurant co-owner.  Listen to our interview with Arinze to find out how he stepped out on faith to make his dreams a reality.

The Artist

Arinze (formerly known as “Talonted”) is an alternative hip-hop artist/producer. Referring to himself and his loyal supporters as “New Breeds,” Arinze creates verses (primarily in English, but at times in Spanish) with a conversational flow that has a way of resonating. His songs are uncompromisingly candid and his performances are refreshingly captivating. Other musicians that speak to Arinze include Lauryn Hill, Andre 3000, Fela Kuti and James Blake.

Arinze has performed in a myriad of venues from opening for Grammy-nominated singer Bilal Oliver to delivering passionate verses to Constitutional Law classes led by the late great Derrick Bell at NYU. He earned 1st Place Winner of the Faces In The Crowd Competition (September 2009) and received “Indie Artist of the Week” by Verve New York Agency. Arinze was also recently featured as an opener for Hot 97’s famous “Who’s Next?” Showcase hosted by hip-hop enthusiast Peter Rosenberg.

With his album “T” (short for his former name “Talonted”) available everywhere, including iTunes and Spotify, and the recent release of his self-titled EP “Arinze” – the start of a series of EPs he plans to release this year – Arinze is fervently continuing to bring more sounds to the world.

The Entrepreneur

In addition to being a committed musician, Arinze heads Flo Global, an independent record label and production company. Outside of the entertainment sphere, he is Co-Owner of HLS Juice Bar & Grill — a health inspired restaurant with locations in Maplewood and Montclair, New Jersey. Also as a graduate of the Wharton School of Business (undergrad) and New York University School of Law, he runs his own law and business consulting practice, with a focus on small business owners and upcoming performing artists.




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