Motivator of the Millennium Keith L. Brown

Known as the “Motivator of the Millennium,” Keith L. Brown was named one of the Top 50 Speakers and Experts in Education Today by Insight Publishing and One of the TOP 10 Speakers with International Speakers Network.

Known simply as the “Motivator of the Millennium,” Keith L. Brown was named one of the TOP 50 SPEAKERS AND EXPERTS IN EDUCATION TODAY by INSIGHT PUBLISHING and one of the TOP 10 SPEAKERS WITH INTERNATIONAL SPEAKERS NETWORK, is a Professional Speaker and trainer whose keynotes and workshops enhance the SUPER – VISION of the masses while reducing the supervision to all under the sound of his vibrant voice.

Labeled special – ed, at risk, and potential menace to society, Keith dedicated his life to overcoming those obstacles. Today he is a member of the National Speakers Association, Who’s Who in Professional Speaking, Who’s Who among America’s Teachers, Phi Delta Kappa Fraternity in Education and Outstanding Young Men of America. The keynotes, workshops, and seminars that Mr. Brown delivers are guaranteed to foster team building, morale, effective communication, professionalism and success.

As one of the most sought after speakers on the planet, this Renaissance man also serves as a Legislative Liaison, Professional Speechwriter, consultant, Philanthropist, and energetic, enthusiastic Professional Emcee for a wide array of events.

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