LaKesha’s Lunch with All Things Web Consultant Faydra Deon

There is a fine line between bragging and effectively self promoting your personal brand. My lunch guest this week, All-Things-Web Consultant Faydra Deon, will join us to discuss how she has built her brand and techniques that she uses to build her network.  You can see by all of the sites that she manages and classes that she teaches (see below) that Faydra knows something about something when it comes to social media.

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Meet Faydra…

Faydra Deon was using the Internet before most of her family and friends even knew about the world wide web (yes, the Internet and the Web are two different things). She has been a webmaster and web designer/developer for over 20 years; six of which were as a soldier in the U.S. Army. For the past four years, Faydra has been a computer applications trainer in the Washington, DC area, training others to use (X)HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, AJAX, PHP/MySQL and Adobe applications, like Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Photoshop, to design/develop websites for personal, business and government use. Faydra uses social media on a daily basis and also teaches social media classes, which include “Social Media Overview,” “Marketing with Social Media,” and “WordPress for Blogs.”

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