LaKesha’s Lunch with Software Developer Roderick Frizzelle

Have you ever thought about designing an application for your business? You know the feeling… you have problem and you’ve searched all over the internet for the perfect web-based solution and there isn’t anything that really fits what you are looking for so you have this great idea in your head but don’t know where to start to get the product developed.  Or… you have an idea for a SmartPhone application and don’t know whether it’s something that people (outside of your friends and family) will want to buy.

Join me for lunch with So Ambitious Design and Development’s Roderick Frizzelle, a Software Developer from North Carolina, as we discuss his new e-book, “How to Turn Your Idea into a Product that People Want to Pay For” (visit his site – – and subscribe to his newsletter to get your FREE copy).  Do you have questions for our guest?  Tweet us @LaKeshaWomack @SoAmbitious2011 using #LWBTR

Meet Roderick Frizzelle…

Created to create is his self-fulfilling prophecy. Born Roderick Bryant Frizzelle, he began to show interest in engineering starting with his erector set at an early age. He would spend hours creating and crafting unusual designs.  This parlayed into disassembling and then reassembling any electronic equipment he could get his hands on.  He continued his passion through college.  Enrolling inNorth Carolina Central University and graduating at the top of his class majoring in Computer Information Systems, he received his Bachelor of Science in 2004.  A natural-born entrepreneur, Roderick never seemed at home working for anyone, while at every occupation he had, Roderick always spent a lot of time thinking how he could improve the current process and turn it into his own.  With his technological acumen, keen business intelligence, passion for writing bulletproof code, and a strong desire to develop incredibly useful software around business needs Roderick will fulfill his destiny to create amazing apps.





Listen now…


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