LaKesha’s Lunch with Event Planner Elaina Whitley

Have you ever been to an event and knew there was no event planner involved in the process?  You know those events.. no flow to the timeline… food doesn’t make sense with the event type… no dress code specified… just a hot mess!!

Well… I don’t want you to ever end up in that situation.  Having an event planner in your network is essential unless you have superior organizational skills (I still encourage you to hire someone to help you the day of the event because you want to be free to enjoy yourself and your guests).

Elaina Whitley, CEO and VIP Event Planner at Enjoy Yourself Events, LLC, will join me for lunch to discuss some tips that you can use to plan a fabulous event.  Elaina is not only a great event planner but she also hosts seminars to assist those who are interested in a career as an event planner.

Get to know Elaina…

Elaina Whitely, Producer of EP 101 & CEO of Enjoy Yourself Events

Born a natural, social event planning butterfly in New York City, Elaina quickly grew fond of gathering family and friends every chance possible for every occasion. Birthday Parties, Holidays, Dinners and Backyard BBQ’s were special to her and the invite lists were always long and the turnouts were always enormous. Before long, she was the first one to be called upon in order to assist others with the planning of their functions. With her expertise, the gatherings were sure to include fun people, great food, the best entertainment and festive decorations.

In 2005, Enjoy Yourself Events was born, a lifestyle event management and entertainment firm based inAtlanta and Charlotte providing Event Planning, Marketing, Public Relations, Small Business & Professional Coaching. Elaina has been in the event industry for more than 15 years and has lent her expertise to events across the country. Client event roster includes: Real Men Cook, GodzGirl Network, Sweet Auburn Festival, Taste of Atlanta, Restoration-Atlanta Flood Relief Benefit Concert and more.  In addition, Enjoy Yourself Events has produced and hosted: Event Planning 101 Certificate Workshop, Networking For a Cause Thanksgiving Food Drive, We Love the Kids Holiday Toy Drive, Sweet-Touch Pamper Me Party, Its My Party Event Planning & Bridal Expo as well as a host of others including celebrity and VIP events.

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