LaKesha’s Lunch with Graphic Designer Mark Bailey

Building a brand, whether your personal brand or for your business, seems to be a priority for a lot of us.  No longer are our loyalties tied exclusively to the companies that may sign our checks, we are now trying to carve out a niche in the global marketplace for our selves.  Not all of us are “selling” anything rather some are content with having a voice and an audience.  Some are doing so by stabbing in the dark at this process while others choose to be strategic about their brand building.

Join Mark Bailey, CEO of Yellow Dogg Designs, as we discuss some strategies for building your brand.  Mark is a visual genius who understands the importance of not only having a crafty message but also making your brand’s image appealing the consumer’s eyes.

We want to hear from you… What questions do you have about building your brand?  Tweet us @LaKeshaWomack or @DoggDaze using #LWBTR.

Who is Mark Bailey?

Mark Bailey is the owner and founder of Yellow Dogg Designs, a web development and graphic design firm located in Greensboro, North Carolina and serving clients throughout North America. He is also the author of “I Want My Logo Bigger: Tips to Building the Right Small Business Brand”.

Mark Bailey works with small businesses, non-profit organizations, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs to help them build their visual brand and a successful online presence.

Visit him online at and join his network onFacebookTwitter and LinkedIn and don’t forget to check out his blog.

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