Tips to improve your relationships in 2011 with Joe Harris

As we prepare to enter a new year and make resolutions that we may or may not keep, taking some time to consider how we will change our relationship habits in the new year should be a priority.  No matter who you communicate with, there is probably some room for improvement when it comes to dealing with others.  This week’s Late Night with LaKesha radio show will feature FaceBook funny man Joe Harris and his tips to have better relationships in 2011.  You don’t want to miss this episode because there is no telling what Joe is going to say…

About Joe Harris…

Joe Penthouze LeFlair Harris

Joe Harris aka Penthouze LaFlair is a native of Montgomery Alabama.  He attended Robert E. Lee High and Alabama State University.  He’s considered by MOST to be a FaceBook inspiration with a plethora of realness.  His posts are VERY edgy, insightful, spiritual, comical, political and most time just out right BOLD.  His motto is to “Keep it 100″ and most often times it’s that 100 that keeps the Entourage (his FB friends) coming back and streaming comments throughout the day.  He’s a God-fearing, single *by choice* man who loves helping people mentally with words of wisdom that have been so graciously handed down from his wonderful mother.

Find him online…

SKYPE: laflairentertainment

Listen now…

Tips to Improve Your Relationship in 2011


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