Sebastian Kole discusses “Do we take sex seriously?”

In our highly sexualized society, we have to wonder… how seriously do we take seriously?

It can be argued that some people take sex too seriously and make life altering decisions based on carnal desires.  However, it can also be argued that many people don’t take sex serious enough and enter into physical relationships with little to no regard for the emotional attachment that will follow.  Join Sebastian Kole and I as we discuss this issue and how these schools of thought are contributing to society’s relationship trends.

About Sebastian Kole…

Sebastian Kole – Live From My Notebook

Singer-songwriter, Sebastian Kole,  was born and raised in Birmingham, AL. A trained jazz musician and vocal performer, Sebastian Kole began playing piano in the church and performing as a young child .At a very early age, he established his desire and destiny to sing and perform his own music: “I knew a long time ago I didn’t want to do cover music; singing and songwriting for me are pretty inseparable.” In fact, among his greatest influences in music are singer-songwriter musicians, particularly piano players such as Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder, Prince, John Legend, and Bilal. Also among his influences have been Beethoven, Bach, Handel, and Thelonius Monk, master musicians whom Sebastian Kole says were “never afraid of their own minds.”

Upon graduating with a degree in music, he recorded and released his self-titled album. Over the next few years, he toured Germany, France and Italy. He has performed his own music opening in concert for Monica, Raheem Devaughn, Anthony David, Julie Dexter and Musiq Soulchild and has shared the stage with fellow Birmingham grown artist Ruben Studdard. Sebastian Kole is set to release his next album “Live From My Notebook” in 2010, which features hit singles “Jaded” and “Before You Go.”

Sebastian Kole is an engaging storyteller with an uncanny ability to relate to people in his lyrics, music, and performance. He often sings of relationships which are a common human experience. Whether excess, or lack thereof, I try to look at them from a different perspective.” He also offers a unique perspective on music.

Find Sebastian online…


Twitter: @SebastianKole

Facebook – Live From My Notebook


Listen now…

“Do we take sex seriously?”


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