Corey Ponder tells how “Giving is Sexy”

Everyone has heard the saying that it is better to give than to receive…

During this episode of  “Late Night with LaKesha”, Corey Ponder and I will discuss how giving can be sexy.  We will share our top gift ideas for the holidays, why we think giving back to your community is a turn on and some others ways you can “give” to your mate…

About Corey Ponder…

Corey Ponder grew up in the Atlanta area and attended Vanderbilt University in Nashville for undergraduate and spent time at the University of California, Berkeley in pursuit of his Master’s in Public Policy.  Now he works in the Washington, DC area.  He spends his time looking to connect himself with motivated and passionate people in the area and around the nation that shares his interests in politics, service, civic engagement, and social awareness.

This was the inspiration for his personal blog site, The Apathy Remedy.  Established in October 2008, Corey felt that the discourse on politics, social issues, news, and society only exacerbated the level of skepticism, apathy, and cynicism with which Americans approached these issues.  The goal of The Apathy Remedy was to be objective without losing passion, be informative yet engaging, and most importantly, provide a type of coverage that would inspire readers to do something: from simply researching further all the way to effecting change on a political or social movement level.  Donning the pen-name SpkTruth2Pwr, he wanted his blogging to be a reflection of the truth of his analysis – an alter-ego – so that whatever your thoughts about the motivations or intent of Corey Ponder, SpkTruth2Pwr was only motivated by bringing the light objectivity and inspiration to act to his reader.

This passion stretched to the establishment of The Young Writers’ Block.  Corey realized there are so many enlightened voices in the blogosphere that can be lost in the oversaturation of the web.  YWB was established to provide those enlightened voices a platform from which to be heard and recognized, and ultimately inspire readers to think, discuss, and engage on social issues that matter to young professionals.  Like a support group, young writers use YWB as a place to develop and reach a wider audience.

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Corey Ponder tells us how “Giving is Sexy”


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