What are the dangers of sexting?

It seems like every time you turn around, there is a new video or new pictures of some celebrity being posted in the media.

As much as we may want to deny it, celebrities aren’t the only ones sexting (yes, that is sending sexy texts) in our society.  However, if we know the implications of posting these racy photos and videos in cyberspace what makes people still do it?  And why do they deny it once the photos/videos have been leaked?

Join social media all-star, Joseph “JJ” James and I as we discuss various relationship issues including sex, lies and videos.

Meet JJ…

Check him out as he’s goes in on daily Twitter trending topics without holding anything back – http://twitter.com/#!/JDubDaKing

Become his friend on Facebook (ladies, check out the photo album eyecandy.com) – http://facebook.com/JosephJJJames


Listen now…

What are the dangers of sexting?


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