Quentin McCall helps us to heal the hurt after a break-up

No matter  how much we try to say that it doesn’t matter, if you really care about someone, breaking up or breaking off with them is difficult.  It often doesn’t matter who is to blame for the split, the fact remains that someone who was once very important to you, is no longer a part of your life.  Many times, we try to dismiss the feelings associated with that hurt and attempt to move forward.  However, this behavior can create toxic future relationships rather than a happily ever after if the emotions are not properly processed.

Join my guest, Quentin McCall and I, as we discuss “Healing the Hurt after a Break Up”.  Quentin will provide some tips on moving forward in a manner that allows you to be healed and ready to find happiness.

About Quentin McCall…

Quentin McCall

Quentin is a Christian Life Coach and reformed player.  He is not afraid to tell you where he has been because it is his testimony of God’s ability to see the best in us during the worst times.  Quentin doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but he tells you what you need to hear in order to heal and move forward into healthy relationships.

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Healing the hurt after a break-up


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