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Season 4 Begins September 6th!!!

I doubt you can imagine how excited I am for Season 4 of The LaKesha Womack Show to begin!!!

It has literally taken years for me to figure out the right name, format and time for the show but I feel confident that I have a recipe for success.

This season we will air live on Thursdays from 12pm CST until 1230pm.  As usual, I have assembled an eclectic guest list to promote personal, professional and spiritual development.  You can call in to listen to the shows live, visit the BlogTalkRadio show page to listen from your computer (live or the playback) or download a show into your iTunes account.

Want to know who is on the guest list?  Listen to my first show on Thursday, September 6th!

Don’t forget – you can also tweet me during the show (@LaKeshaWomack), leave a comment on the BTR page or on the blog page.  Each week, I will post a blog on this site with the bio of my guest as well as their available social media links.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions, comments or suggestions…


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